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Lianne - Dawn has been doing my hair for over 20 years along with my young son who had his first hair cut which was trouble free. We have always had a professional and friendly service and I would recommend to anyone. I have had various colours and styles and always walk out pleased.


Kim - Have been having my hair done by Dawn now for approx. eight years and I am always happy - I have 3 colour foils and a concave bob style. My hair is very fine and difficult to manage but once I have had my cut I can manage my hair really well.


NT - Dawn has done my hair for over 20 years - she started to do my hair in the salon she worked in and she has done it every week ever since - Dawn has always been reliable and is personal hairdresser to all of my family and comes to blow dry my hair every week. I have a perm every 8 weeks as I only like a soft perm and she always aims to please.


Jo - Dawn has done my hair for many years - she did my hair for my wedding 10 years ago, I do not trust anyone else with my hair. For me the hairdressers is worse than the dentist but I have lots of trust in Dawn and feel like I can tell her exactly how I want it and she listens and does as I ask. When I have had my hair cut I always find my hair very easy to do.

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